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Guest Post Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in publishing a guest blog.
Dot One Innovations is now accepting guest blogs for free. You can submit blogs related to different categories / niche.
If you want us to publish your blog / article, please read this guideline carefully.

1. Categories:

We publish blogs on the following categories:
■ Art
■ Business
■ Education
■ Fashion
■ Food
■ General
■ Health
■ Politics
■ Sports
■ Travel
■ Tech

2. Language:

We prefer US / UK English & Urdu language.

3. Content length:

The minimum length of your blog must be 800. An article with less than 799 words will be rejected. We appreciate content that is lengthy.

4. Content Quality:

We don't accept garbage, therefore content should be 100 percent unique and not scraped or manipulated. Just because we're offering free guest posts doesn't mean we'll accept rubbish.

5. Links:

■ You’ll get only one dofollow link from your blog post. So please don't add more than one link.
■ In any situation, affiliate links or links that promote any suspicious site are not permitted.

6. Images:

■ Please add a cover image with a resolution of 1200 x 675 pixels to your blog (should be less than 400kb).
■ Also add a image with a resolution of 740 x 486 pixels in your zip file (should be less than 400kb).

7. Author Name & Bio:

Don't forget to write author name and bio at the end of the blog (max 100 word).

8. Submission process:

■ Write your blog post on MS Word file, add cover image, text and link (save in .docx or .pdf format).
■ Now create a zip folder, add your MS Word document to it. Also, add a 740 x 486 resolution image in the zip folder.
■ Now mail your zip folder to us at mshahhum.1@gmail.com or shahhum345@gmail.com.
■ Or you can also upload your zip folder in the form below (Select Category Select Zip Folder Click On Submit).

9. Publication process:

We'll review your blog post within 5 - 10 business days. If your blog matches our criteria, we will publish your blog and inform you through email.

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