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Toshiba Laptops Vs. HP Laptops

Despite reports that it is in decline due to smartphone and tablet competition the laptop is still in use. Windows laptop sales remained the same in 2013 as did Chromebook laptop sales soared by leaping from nil to almost 10 percent of personal computer device sales. The leader of the group comes American maker Hewlett-Packard. Japanese electronics company Toshiba is a bit smaller market share, yet is still a major player. Both firms are more similar than distinct in their diverse options, but some notable distinctions do stand out.

Differences in Product Offerings

The two companies Toshiba and HP make a variety of laptops that meet the demands of different types of users, and both companies offer similar options. However, there are significant distinctions. Toshiba's laptops are differentiated and can be found in a variety of areas more effectively that HP does, whereas HP adopts a more generalist approach. Particularly, if you need a laptop that is designed for intense gaming or multimedia that is high-end the only choice is Toshiba has the right laptops, through its Qosmio range. HP's high-end laptop line, Envy, is good for general-purpose, high-performance however it isn't suitable for extreme gaming. However in the realm of enterprise computing, though Toshiba has its Tecra range of laptops with an emphasis on durability and safety, HP is the top laptop maker to enterprises and also has a distinct website and a variety of laptop families, mostly notebooks, which include ProBook, the Essential, ProBook and EliteBook series -- designed to meet the needs of the business world. Laptop screen replacement price in online.

Price Comparisons

Prices for laptops are based on specifications of the hardware and software beginning at a base for a specific model and increasing from the point of. At the low side in July 2014, Toshiba's Satellite range of general-purpose laptops has the suggested cost of $225. its Chromebook laptops begin at $300. This is in direct contrast to HP, which's general-purpose Pavilion laptops begin at $300, and the Chromebooks start at $250. Gaming rigs can be purchased from Toshiba's Qosmio line starts at $1300. HP's general-purpose high-performance Envy line begins at $500. Toshiba's Kira ultrabook begins at $1500 and its portability-focused Portege line starts at $720. HP's ultrabooks begin at $700. In the end, Toshiba tends to start with an higher cost due to superior hardware and higher-end specs -in particular RAM however, HP provides an affordable price for older equipment closer to the point of obsolescence. If you're an average user, which suggests HP being the more affordable option however if you require high-quality hardware, the advantage will likely go to Toshiba. 15.6 inch paper led laptop screen price online.

Warranty and Repair Information

Toshiba and HP provide similar warranties and services. Laptops from both companies include a no-cost, oneor two-year warranty which allows users to have their laptop repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer should there be manufacturing defects or defects in the workmanship. It is possible to pay an additional fee to extend the period for the standard warranty up to 3 years. The standard warranties do not guarantee every single thing that can happen to your computer. This includes drops that happen to be accidental, liquid spills or surges of electricity, and viruses. For these unforeseen events, both companies offer the additional "accidental damage" warranty that's significantly more expensive that ranges from $50 to nearly $500, based on the cost of purchase for the laptop and the length of a warranty period you purchase. You'll need to purchase additional warranties within the first 30 days of buying the laptop the computer. Apart from warranty coverage and live technical assistance via chat or by phone, as well as the option of onsite technical support to those who reside within 75 miles of major cities. HP's site also has an "Tune-Up" service where a technician can assist you to optimize and restore the performance of your laptop. It also offers an "SmartFriend" service for questions you have which aren't covered in the user's manual.

What the Experts Say?

The two companies don't have a significant advantage over one another in terms of the industry's accolades, but both manufacturers have their own models that are distinctive. PC Magazine ranked the HP Chromebook 11 as the fourth best all-around laptop of 2014, making it one of the very few occasions in which a major reviewer placed any of the companies' 2014 offerings among the top 10. For the Chromebook and budget laptop categories, TechRadar ranked Toshiba's CB35-A3120 Chromebook in fourth place , and HP's Chromebook 11 fifth in the rankings. Tom's Guide ranked the Toshiba Chromebook as the best of its kind. In the ultrabook category PC Magazine ranked HP's Spectre 13T-3000 as eighth and Toshiba's Portege Z30 in the tenth spot. Tom's Guide ranked the HP Spectre the top of its class. Overall, it was quiet for both companies in the rewards system. Long-term reliability -- a term that is only able to be assessed by statistics SquareTrade is an extended warranty provider, discovered in a study in 2009 it was found that Toshiba laptops were more durable and second in overall reliability and which is 15.7 per cent of Toshibas suffering a major breakdown within the first three years after the purchase. HP was the most unreliable, coming at ninth place, 25.6 percentage of HP laptops failing in three years.

Acer PC Pros & Cons

White laptop with black on white. Side angle perspective. Acer was established in 1976 by Stan Shih in 1976, is a Taiwan-based company that is renowned for its two top selling models: the Aspire and Ferrari. It was originally called Multitech, Acer is the third-largest manufacturer of laptops the world, just behind Hewlett Packard and Dell. Acer is intensely price competitive and competes with rivals on a platform of lowest-price-offered.

Pro: Value for Money

The most likely Acer characteristic is that it provides quality for money. The Aspire series of laptops are budget-friendly equipped with features not offered in other laptops similar in price. Primarily designed for young adults and college students, Aspire laptops outsell the top models from Dell or HP. For users of all ages an dependable machine with basic specifications is better than a blatantly speedy machine that requires more care and technical expertise to run. Acer recognized this through the Aspire. Another story of success, however on the other cost can be found in that of the Ferrari series. Acer together with Italian manufacturer of cars Ferrari launched laptops that are designed for the discerning buyer. In general, Acer laptops deliver on high-end quality and offer a viable option to those considering purchasing the first laptop.

Pro: Versatility

The company manufactures a wide assortment of products, including notebooks netbooks Personal digital assistants, display monitors, desktops along with software programs. Acer's products are frequently featured in magazines for consumers and on websites for consumers. Acer's tablet PCs are excellent handheld devices. They are the TravelMate as well as the Extensa series were developed to cater to business users and those who require greater mobility.


There have been reports that laptops are too delicate or sensitive. While the computers appear to be durable, a single accident could cause a hardware component, such as a cooling system or a removable disc (CD or DVD) to fail. Acer's warranty management and its customer policy on service have led to some discontent. Acer spare parts aren't sold at retail stores The company also requests to ship laptops that are damaged to the company for repair. Even if a laptop is in guarantee, Acer will charge its customers to ship the machine.

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